JB23-25Ton Punch Press

  • JB23-25Ton Punch Press Manufacturers, JB23-25Ton Punch Press Factory, Supply JB23-25Ton Punch Press
  • JB23-25Ton Punch Press Manufacturers, JB23-25Ton Punch Press Factory, Supply JB23-25Ton Punch Press
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JB23-25Ton Punch Press
  • Huizhi Haoda
  • China
  • 15~30 days
  • 1000 sets per month

This punch press machine normally used for blanking, trimming, punching hole, forming, bending, shallow stretching and other cold stamping process.
Widely used in electronics, communications, computers, household appliances, furniture, vehicles, cars, motorcycles, bicycles and other metal parts punching and molding.
Suitable for different kinds of materials, including metal, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass, alloy, steel, iron.etc.

JB23-25 Ton Punch Press Machine


1. Wide body frame with gentle vibration could protect the die and machine, increase the using life.   

2. Casting equipment, great rigidity, more stable accuracy.    

3. Compact C frame structure ensure the convenient use and safe operation. 

4. With three sides open working table, the operator could loading/unloading the die and operate the machine conveniently. 

Technical Parameters:

Nominal PressurekN260
Slide Strokemm80
Maximum Shut Heightmm290
Shut Height Adjustmentmm55
Distance from Slider Center to Framemm200
Worktable Dimension F-Bmm370
Dimension of worktable holeF-Bmm160
Slide Underside DimensionF-Bmm180
Die Shank Hole DimensionDiametermm40
Verticcal Columns Distancemm235
Distance from Worktable to Railmm350
Thickness of Worktable Plate mm55
Maximum Tilting Angle°20
Motor PowerKW2.2-4
Machine's DimensionF-Bmm1345

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