Feeder For Two Spoon Trimming Embossing Twice Forming

  • Feeder For Two Spoon Trimming Embossing Twice Forming
  • Feeder For Two Spoon Trimming Embossing Twice Forming
  • Feeder For Two Spoon Trimming Embossing Twice Forming
  • Feeder For Two Spoon Trimming Embossing Twice Forming
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Feeder For Two Spoon Trimming Embossing Twice Forming
  • Huizhi Haoda
  • China
  • 20~45 Days
  • 1000 sets per month

This automatic feeder is cooperate with 500 Ton hydraulic press machine.
Multiple functions, 2 pieces of spoon, 8 process steps could be finished at the same time.
All of 410#, 420#, 430# standard of materials are available.

DGW-013, Automatic Feeder For Two Spoon Trimming Embossing Twice Forming 8 In 1



1. High efficient production, with this feeder, one hydraulic press machine could finish all process of the cutlery spoon manufacturing: spoon edge cutting, handle embossing, two times of spoon cup forming. Blanking in, spoon out.

2.  High output, with this feeder, the hydraulic press machine could working continuously, around 50 pieces per minute.

3.  Save labor cost, a worker could operate 2~3 sets of machines at the same time.

4.  Improve market competitiveness, high-precision production, up to 99% successful production help you stand the head and shoulders of the competitor.

5. Easy operation, worker could operate the machines after a simple training.  

6. Safety production, no need the worker put hands into the framework of the hydraulic press or punch press machine, avoid production accident.    

7Continuously production, differ from the manual production, the feeder no need stop to catch the work piece and put down the processed work piece. Even, the feeder no need have a rest, it can work 24 hours per day.

Inlet: Length - 900mm*2sets, could place around 800pieces of 2mm work piece.

stainless steel spoon

Outlet: Slip the finished spoon into the product basket.

 stainless steel spoon

cutlery manufacturing machine

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